Accordion Microphone Pickup System Nalbantov AMP 7S

Accordion Microphone Pickup System Nalbantov AMP 7S



Nalbantov AMP 7S is an internal accordion microphone system with powerful, natural and clear sound. The AMP 7S has improved suspension system, dynamic sensitivity and bass side connection type compared with its predecessor AMP 6S. The system has six microphones with superior sound quality – five for the treble side and one for the bass side. 


The integrated high-end, ultra-low noise preamplifier will perfectly produce the played tones. You can easily adjust the level from the separate treble and bass volume controls. For professional live performance, every microphone has special suspension system which reduces audio feedback, vibrations and key noise.


Top reasons to buy Nalbantov AMP 7S

  • Six microphones with superior sound quality
  • Separate treble and bass volume controls
  • High-end, ultra-low noise preamplifier
  • Extremely low power consumption 
  • Improved microphones suspension system (compared with AMP 6S)
  • Improved dynamic sensitivity (compared with AMP 6S)
  • Improved bass side connection type for easier installation (compared with AMP 6S)
  • Extremely low vibrations and key noise
  • Reduced acoustic feedback
  • Universal compatibility and perfect mobility on stage



  • Frequency range: 40Hz – 20kHz
  • Connection: 6.3mm (1/4”) audio jack
  • On/Off switch: Via audio jack – “On” when is connected/”Off” when is disconnected
  • Controls: Treble volume, Bass volume 
  • Power: 9 V battery (not included) – More than 200 hours usage on-stage with 9V alkaline battery
  • Compatibility: Universal, including wireless systems
  • Length: Treble board – 350mm (13.78”); Bass board – 31mm (1.22”)
  • Wide of the boards: 12mm (0.47”)
  • Height of the microphones: 23-25mm (0.90”-0.98”)
  • Bass side cable length – 1500mm (59”)
  • Weight of the system: 75g (2.65oz)
  • Double-sided tape on both boards for easy installation
  • Mounting Kit included