Ismar Poric

Ismar Poric is a professional clarinet and saxophone player from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He has been active in his professional career since 2008, performing hundreds of shows and concerts all over Europe. During his career, Ismar has cooperated with some of the biggest artists and groups from the Balkans, including big names like Halid Beslic, Crvena Jabuka band, Divanhana, Berin Buturovic and many more. Ismar is also a very active studio session musician, having recorded numerous songs for different artists in various genres (oriental, rock, world music, funk).

“I have been using the Nalbantov microphones since 2018, and I must say that I have never had the opportunity to use such quality and stable microphones like the ones from Nalbantov. I have used these microphones from small venues to big arenas (20.000 people) and the final product is always amazing. I highly recommend them to everyone.”

Ismar also has a formal music education – he graduated from the Music Academy Sarajevo and has an MBA in Arts Innovation (GLI program).