Clarinet Microphone Nalbantov NCM 8X Wireless set

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Clarinet Pickup Microphone Nalbantov NCM 8X Wireless set

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Professional microphone for clarinet

Nalbantov NCM 8X Wireless set




Nalbantov NCM 8X Wireless is a wind instrument microphone for professional sound reinforcement. After 39 years of experience, Nalbantov NCM 8X is the third and the newest microphone system by Nalbantov Electronics. Now the microphone has extended frequency range and improved dynamic sensitivity.

We can proudly say that Nalbantov NCM 8X is high-end microphone with clear, natural and well-balanced sound. The main reason for the design of this microphone is to eliminate all problems that wind musicians have when using traditional microphone. The advantage is obvious: equal sound in any situation and no acoustic feedback.

Nalbantov NCM 8X operates without any acoustic feedback because it is not sensitive to airborne sounds. The idea is to pick up the sound in the instrument’s body, rather than the sound produced in the air.

Another advantage is that Nalbantov NCM 8X is directly mounted to the instrument, thus allowing an equal and powerful sound in any situation. Now you can get the perfect mobility on stage and completely different experience when playing wind instruments.


Package includes:

  • Carrying case
  • Nalbantov NCM 8X microphone
  • Nalbantov NCM W1 wireless system
  • Premium Grenadilla Clarinet Barrel (you can choose the size from the menu on top)
  • Connecting cable for the wireless receiver
  • AC adapter for the wireless system
  • Mounting Kit (with this kit you can mount the microphone system to your own clarinet barrel)
  • Plastic screw bolt (to use the clarinet barrel without the system)
  • User’s manual and installation guide
  • Warranty – 3 years (1 year guarantee plus 2 years when you register the product online)


Top reasons to buy Nalbantov NCM 8X Wireless :

  • wireless connection
  • clear, natural and well-balanced sound in any situation
  • operates completely without acoustic feedback
  • improved frequency range and dynamic sensitivity
  • no wind sounds and ultra-low key noise
  • integrated volume control
  • superb quality and durability
  • unique design with durable anodized surface
  • easy and fast installation
  • use without additional preamplifier
  • universal compatibility and perfect mobility on stage
  • 16 wireless channels
  • at least 60 meter operation distance
  • Only one AAA 1.5V battery for 8 hours of usage

NCM 8X microphone systems are individually tested in seven different steps through the manufacturing process, to ensure superb quality of performance and resistance against air pressure and humidity.



NCM 8X Microphone

  • Frequency range – 30Hz – 20kHz
  • Connection – 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack
  • Mode of operation – Ultra Piezo Technology Third Generation (UPT III)
  • Power requirement – no need of power supply
  • Polar pattern – Omnidirectional
  • Compatibility – Universal
  • Size – 25mm (0.98”) H (without thread) x 22mm (0.87”) W
  • Weight of microphone – Only 10.70g (0.38oz)


NCM – W1R Receiver

  • Frequency Preparation – PLL Synthesized Control
  • Carrier Frequency Range – 502~960 MHz
  • S/N Ratio – > 105dB
  • T.H.D – <0.6%@1KHz
  • Display – LED
  • Display Contents – Antenna A/B, RF/AF Status
  • Controls – Power On/Off, Channel Selecting, Audio Level
  • Audio Output Level – -12dB
  • AF Output Impedance – 600Ω
  • Squelch – Pilot Tone, Noise and Mute
  • Operation Voltage – 9-15 VDC, 200mA
  • Output Connector – 1 Unbalanced, 6.3mm (1/4”) audio jack
  • Dimension – 124mm (4.88”) W х 33mm (1.3”) H х 73mm (2.87”) D


NCM – W1 Miniature Transmitter

  • Frequency Preparation – PLL Synthesized Control
  • Carrier Frequency Range – 502~960 MHz
  • RF Outputs – Maximum 10mW
  • Stability – ±10KHz
  • Frequency Deviation – ±48KHz
  • LCD Display – Power On/Off, Low battery, Mute
  • Controls – Power On/Off, AF Level, Channel Selecting, Mute
  • Spurious Emissions – <- 50 dBC
  • Audio Frequency Response – 40~18,000 Hz
  • Battery – LR03, AAA 1.5V*1


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