Clarinet Microphone Nalbantov NCM 622 S set – Pickup System, Cable, Mounting Kit

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Clarinet Microphone Nalbantov NCM 622 S set – Pickup System, Cable, Mounting Kit


Professional microphone for clarinet

Nalbantov NCM 622 S set


The NCM 622 line of instrument microphones is the result of more than 45 years of experience in the field by Nalbantov. The microphones produce an extremely clean, soft and natural sound.



The NCM sound is enhanced by the latest technology in Nalbantov NCM 622, which preserves the best aspects and the essential character of the previous models.



With a stylish Black Granite color and blue backlight, NCM 622 complements your instrument. It has a light weight of only 10g (0.35oz) and a special stage-resistant coating.



Like the other microphones in the NCM series, Nalbantov NCM 622 eliminates acoustic feedback by ignoring airborne sounds. It captures the sound in the instrument’s body, instead of the sound in the air. 



By being directly connected to the instrument, NCM microphones ensure an equal and powerful sound in any situation. You can enjoy the perfect mobility on stage and a completely different experience when playing wind instruments.


Top reasons to buy Nalbantov NCM 622 system:

  • clean, soft and natural sound in any situation

  • operates completely without acoustic feedback

  • improved frequency range and dynamic sensitivity

  • no wind sounds and ultra-low key noise

  • superb quality and durability

  • lightweight made from aluminum

  • easy and fast installation

  • universal compatibility and perfect mobility on stage

Package includes:

  • Carrying case

  • Nalbantov NCM 622 microphone

  • Connecting cable (you can choose the type from the menu on top)

  • Mounting Kit (with this kit you can mount the microphone system to your clarinet barrel)

  • Plastic screw bolt (to use the clarinet barrel without the system)

  • User’s manual and installation guide

  • Warranty – 3 years (1 year guarantee plus 2 years when you register the product online)


  • Frequency range: 30Hz – 20kHz

  • Connection: 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack

  • Mode of operation: Ultra Piezo Technology Fourth Generation (UPT IV)

  • Polar pattern: Omnidirectional

  • Compatibility: Universal

    • Balanced input

    • Effect boxes

    • Wireless systems

  • Power requirements: Use with or without phantom power. No need of power supply to use the microphone. It is required only to light the integrated blue LEDs. The provided cable is made to supply power from the source (you should turn on the phantom power on your mixer/system).

  • Size: 24.5mm (0.96”) H (without thread) x 21mm (0.82”) W

  • Weight of microphone: Only 10g (0.35oz)

  • NCM 622 microphone systems are individually tested in seven different steps through the manufacturing process, to ensure superb quality of performance and resistance against air pressure and humidity.

Additional information

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NK-8, NK-2, NK-3, NK-5

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