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Nalbantov Electronics is a family company founded by the Dimitar Nalbantov – a Bulgarian musician and electronics expert. In 1978, parallel to his career of musician, he starts a career in engineering at a factory for robotics and computerization.


He later works at the Bulgarian Academy of Science, elaborating computer and robotic systems with his team. Has specializations in Hungary and Switzerland.


Our confidence, at Nalbantov Electronics, is based not only on the many years of experience, but also on perfection in the production and design.


Our motto: We never give up, till perfection is reached!


What does “electronics” mean? For some people it is passion and a way of life. My family knows what it is. You wake up driven by the idea of finding a solution, with the perfect quality and detail. When this thought won’t let you sleep, the only hope is…, that it will become real. We are a family, and we treat our clients as a part of it. We are Nalbantov Electronics. We never give up, till the perfection is reached.”


Dimitar Nalbantov



Nalbantov Electronics Ltd

Bul. Iztochen 3
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